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Helpful Hints for Your Ham
~ Fully Baked....Spiral Sliced....Honey Spice Glazed ~
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Café Information

990 Bishop St. N. Unit 6
Cambridge, ON
N3H 4V6

Ph.# 1-519-650-0822
Toll Free 1-877-819-7441

Fax # 1-519-650-1768

Winter Hours:
Mon - Fri: 10am - 3pm
Sat - Sun: CLOSED


May We Suggest following these useful steps:

Serving Temperature

Canadian Honey Hams can be enjoyed Hot or Cold. Each ham is wrapped in foil for ease in heating. Heating instructions are enclosed with each ham.

Freezing & Refrigeration

Your ham should be refrigerated at all times and consumed within one week. To freeze, wrap tightly with foil. Do not exceed 60 days freezing. Frozen Hams should be thawed in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours before use.

Carving & Serving

For half hams: Cut around the bone, as if coring an apple, pieces may be removed easily.
For buffet style pieces, make cuts along the natural lines of the ham creating sections from the outside to the bone.

For whole hams: Start cutting slices off of the Butt (large) end of the ham as though it were not spiral sliced. After a few slices you'll run into the spiral cuts. A half dozen more slices you'll pass the Aitch Bone, with a good grip & twist the bone can be removed. Now proceed as if it were a half ham.

Oh yes...and Enjoy!